The Elder Scrolls Delvebound an Unofficial Elder Scrolls Tabletop Roleplaying Game based on Fifth Edition



Have you ever wanted to explore more of Tamriel than what you could in Skyrim or Oblivion? Do you wish you could have a more meaningful impact on the world around you and interact with everything? UESTRPG gives you the ability to do just that. This custom 5e ruleset allows you to play  in the worlds greatest roleplaying setting using the world’s greatest roleplaying game.

  • 10 classic races to choose from
  • 12 iconic Elders Scrolls classes, mixing new and original 5e classes 
  • Birthsigns familiar to the world of Nirn
  • 18 Racial feats to further customize your Elders Scrolls characters

Heroes of Tamriel take many different forms, and those unexpected heroes have stories that deserve to be told. The Anthropology Companion series is intended to bring life to those other heroes of Tamriel that have, until now, been left behind as background characters—mostly found in story books—or seen as villains or outsiders. With this book, you can create stories of the lost or the forgotten, with the Lilmothiit and Snow Elves; the anti-hero with the Maormer; and even the weird with the Paatru, Sarpa, or Imga.

  • 40 full color pages
  • 13 new uncommon Heritages, like the Maormer and Lilmothiit
  • 10 new additional Heritages, including the Clockwork Apostle
  • 15 new Heritage Feats to compliment the Heritages introduced here

Terrors of Tamriel vol II is the second anthology of its kind, collecting of all the characters featured in the Monster of the Month series from March of 2021 to March of 2022. This year, we focused mostly on the important allies and villains found in Skyrim, to coincide with the release of Shadows Over Skyrim. These two books pair well together to create memorable moments in the campaigns set in the snowy province.

  • 45 full color pages
  • 20 custom creature statistics
  • Ally with iconic Skyrim characters, or tackle some of Tamriel’s greatest threats!

Return to the province of Skyrim in a way you never have before with this addition to the Unofficial Elder Scrolls Tabletop Roleplaying Game.  New guilds provide game masters with a variety of benefits and perks to give to the player characters, and present inspirational quest ideas to help form campaigns centered on these stories. A hoard of new items, including the iconic Dragon Priest masks, provide treasures for players to find, and new monsters help create the memorable fights to find them. 

  • 6 new guilds with perks, NPC descriptions, and quest ideas 
  • Over 70 new items, inspired from Skryim and ESO
  • Over 100 new stat blocks of enemies and allies from the north

Explore Cyrodiil like never before in this new guide for UESTRPG. In Part 1 of Legionnaire’s Guide to Cyrodiil these pages you will find everything you need to build exciting characters inspired by the best roleplaying game setting.

  • Choose from 38 new subclasses
  • Join familiar guilds like the Fighters Guild or the nefarious Dark Brotherhood
  • Over 150 new spells to customize your Elder Scrolls characters
  • Over 150 new items, each inspired from the Elder Scrolls games

Terrors of Tamriel vol I is a collection of all the creatures that were part of the Monster of the Month series from March of 2020 to March of 2021. Inside you’ll find the Five Companions from Elders Scrolls Online, Dwemer animunculi, Pelinal Whitestrake, and even some characters from the Elder Scrolls Adventure’s game Redguard.

  • 41 full color pages
  • 23 custom creature statistics
  • Team up with iconic Elder Scrolls characters, or fight back against deadly threats

Elsweyr is the ancient homeland of the Khajiit, the cat-people of Tamriel. Here, the varying lands change from the shifting sands of an unrelenting desert in the north to the untamed jungles of the south. This book showcases many of the peoples and dangers that can be found within the provinces borders.

  • Over 100 full color pages
  • New player options for Khajiit furstocks
  • Introducing the Necromancer class with 12 custom spells
  • Way of the Desert Wind monk subclass
  •  70 original stat blocks of monsters, beasts, and peoples
  • 30 Elsweyr inspired items
  • Mechanics to introduce Dragon Shouts into any game

Murkmire is an incredibly dangerous place, for both the locals and newcomers. This book highlights many of the dangers that can be found in the swamps of Black Marsh, along with some of the more perilous flora which should be avoided, if possible.

  • 51 full color pages
  • New Naga subrace for Argonian characters
  • 30 Argonian inspired items
  •  31 original stat blocks of monsters, beasts, and peoples 
  • A new faction and background to connect your characters with the Black Marsh

Summerset is home to many dangerous and amazing beasts. Within this bestiary, you will learn about many creatures, but like many tales from Tamriel, the information within may come from an unreliable narrator. Some of these monsters, like the Sload, are iconic to the Elder Scrolls, and have been part of the world since some of the earliest editions. Others, such as the Yaghra and the Indrik, are relatively new, as we discovered Summerset together in Elder Scrolls Online for the first time.

  • 21 full color pages
  • 17 monster stat blocks

Every adventurer starts with a character sheet! Download these amazing form fillable character sheets created by members of the community. 

  • 3 5e character sheet pages, modified to suit the Delvebound ruleset.
  • 1 Player Reference page for looking up common rules

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  1. So, can we get a timeframe on Shadows Over Skyrim, Basic Rules 1.4.1, and Secrets of the Dwemer? Or is it all unsure as of yet?

    1. Sorry for the super late response! It does look like a Shadows Over Skyrim preview came out the day after you posted this. Secrets of the Dwemer is a weird one with no real idea of when that will happen, unfortunately.

      1. Can we get a timeframe for the release of Blessings and Curses?

        1. We’re still working through a few of the options. There should be a couple of previews coming up soon.

  2. Loving this!!! You should consider adding the bloodskal blade 😉

  3. How would you recommend this game be played remotely? Are there already systems out there that would work with it? Or would I just have to get creative through discord? BTW thank you for all the hard work that is put into this project.

    1. I use Roll20 – Since this is just an adaptation from 5e, you can use the official 5e character sheet and turn on the variant for tracking Spell Points. There was a UESTRPG Roll20 Character Sheet created, but please avoid it. It broke a while ago and we don’t have access to fix it!

      1. Hi! May I ask if the Ohmes and Ohmes-raht furstocks will ever be added to the subraces?

  4. When will the basic rules 1.4.1 be released?

    1. I thought 1.4.1 would be out early 2020, but it never happened. We are working on getting a major update for 1.5 later this year. You can follow the progress on the blog!

  5. I cant find the explanation of the spells 5th edition

    1. All of the spells and rules for spellcasting can be found in the 5e Core Rules. You can download the basic rules for free.

  6. i really enjoy this adaption of D&D, my players find it so fun! but one thing i think you should have is more expansions on subraces

    1. We do have someone working on a major expansion for races and subraces! 1.5 will also include some pretty major adjustments!

  7. Is blessings and curses no longer a thing?

    1. Blessings & Curses is currently being updated!

  8. Looks great… but my players prefer 3.5…. can ya do a version in that?

    1. None of us who work on this system are all that familiar with 3.5 and are primarily just 5e players so unfortunately no.

  9. What will the secrets of the dwemer add. Will it add any new archetypes to classes or new spells?

    1. Secrets of the Dwemer was going to include new creatures, but I think those are more or less handled now. We have been working on a new class and a handful of archetypes!

  10. Having played the video games and understanding how magic exists in the world, I am confused on how it translates to D&D. In D&D spellcasting classes are restricted to specific spell lists, whereas in Tamriel all spells, divine and arcane alike, are all able to be learned with study. D&D and the various websites like D&DBeyond and ShardTabletop do not allow for arcane casters to prepare and cast divine spells just as divine casters can not cast arcane spells.Has anyone come up up with a work-around for virtual play?

    1. This is primarily a 5e conversion, so we keep as much of the basic rules in place while providing some key options for worldbuilding within Tamriel. While there are class spell lists in this creation, the idea of Divine vs Arcane spells isn’t considered as much as keeping some basic classes similar to their 5e counterparts.

      We have been playing with a variant ruleset that would allow any character to learn any spell, and even allow barbarians to gain magicka points to cast spells. This idea would fit well in a Tamriel based game that fit the single player video games, but might create some significant unintended issues. My personal games have used an open casting system without issue, but balance takes a back seat to fun at my home table.

  11. Hey there, not sure if if anyone has brought it up, but I can’t seem to access the Elsweyr pdf, the link is blocked via bitly.

    1. Thanks! I’ve put a request to Bitly to fix it, but no response yet. I’m going to give it a week and then replace the link.

  12. elsweyr link is off

    1. Thanks! I’ve put a request to Bitly to fix it, but no response yet. I’m going to give it a week and then replace the link.

  13. Hi Teluusa, I’m looking for the character sheets for this version of your game and I can’t seem to find them anywhere, am I blind? The only link I can find is on the old wix site and the bitly link is blocked

  14. Thank you!

  15. Hi there, for 1.5 Basic Rules, will there be a change log.

    1. Yes! We are creating the change log as we put things together. That way, you should be able to easily see what is different so you know what to update – or know what to ignore, if you want to stick with previous rulesets. We’re also planning on including 1.4 version of the classes and races on a deprecated page of the wiki.

  16. Bitly has the Bestiary of Summerset link blocked

  17. I understand you’re very busy, Bitly still has the link for Summerset’s Bestiary blocked. I myself submitted a form requesting they undo this as well. Idk if it helped, but I hope it at least didn’t harm. Thanks for all you guys do from a DM who runs on your work!

  18. Summerset bestiary link is broken

    1. Fixing now! Dropping bitly and having a direct link, so it shouldn’t break again. Thanks everyone for letting me know and trying to help fix it

  19. Will you guys release a full campaign story?

    1. There are a few writers and designers on the project that have been attempting some campaign stories, but it’s slow going and a lot of work. I hope we eventually have something! I think that would be so helpful and amazing!

  20. Is this project still being worked on? big props for all the work you’ve done! plan on hosting a dnd game in tamriel, with some players who have had no elder scrolls exposure. Thank you again for all the hard work.

    1. This project is still actively being worked on, but it’s all very slow. This year has been very busy for a lot of us, but we have a bunch of things in the works that will hopefully be out later this year!

  21. Hey, high chance this will never be implemented, but are there any plans for making an easy to use character creation interface similar to dnd beyond? I have a player who is having a hard time creating a character as they’ve only ever used dnd beyond. Get back to me whenever you can, thank you.

    1. Unfortunately we’re mostly a bunch of knuckleheads that don’t know much about programming. I can’t imagine an interface like this ever being available unless a fan had the ability to dedicate to that.

  22. Will the blessings and curses book be posted here?

    1. We are working on an update for the book. Once it’s complete, it will be available again.

  23. Is there any plany for book in morrowind when tribunal was still ruling?

    1. We are working on a book centered around Morrowind. It won’t have too much setting info, but should give a bunch of stuff that would be helpful for it. The next Terrors of Tamriel (vol 3) will also feature some important characters from Morrowind throughout the eras.

  24. This is an incredible and deeply – deeply – appreciated resource. I can’t say how excited I am while reading through these!!

  25. Hey, I made a cover for Shadows Over Skyrim for print if people want to do a custom print on I just received mine today and it looks fantastic, is there a way I can share this file with you so others can print it off if they want? I will make a post on reddit as well showing the result

    1. This looks incredible (Found your reddit post)! Thanks for sharing!

  26. Hey! Sorry, this is an amazing work but i have a question. I see the Priest class subclass option in Cyrodill, but i can’t seem to find the complete class anywhere

  27. Just getting into this RPG and as I’ve been looking over the material, I can’t help but notice there’s no info on dremora and other foes from Oblivion like imps, skaafin, ogrims, and the like. Am I overlooking something, or is this a manual you have planned for the future? Love the way everything looks so far.

    1. We are working on Legionnaire’s Guide to Cyrodiil part 2, which includes a lot of the daedric creatures. It’s in progress, but still a bit out. Focusing on the next basic rules update first!

  28. I’m wondering if there will be a campaign campaign to follow, or is this going to be more like a create your own campaign.

    1. We’d love to build a full campaign. I know there have been a few in progress, but they are a lot of work to get right. It’s something I’d like to try my hand at in the future.

  29. Hi one of my players wants to become a dragon priest or lich. Any chance something like this makes it into blessings and curses?

  30. Whats the release plan on the terrors of tamriel vol 3 and the morrowind centered book? Any idea of a date range estimate? Just really excited to hopefully run a campaign in Morrowind!

    1. Terrors of Tamriel is usually released in April, so it’s still a bit out, but there will be the monthly creation for that. I was hoping a preview of Villains of Vvardenfell would be out by Nov / Dec, but I have a feeling this will be further out.

  31. i was curious if someone had upload any of this to dnd beyond as homebrew

  32. I am trying to get the character sheets but due to being on a military ship I cannot download them the normal way. I was hoping someone could e-mail them to me so I could print them for this deployment.

  33. Is there a set release date for Legionnaires Guide to Cyrodiil part 2 and do we know what all will be included in the book?

    1. No Release date yet – it was intended to come out immediately after, but I wanted to get the Basic Rules updated first. Part 2 includes a bunch of Gold Coast locations, Five mini adventures, and a ton of creatures including daedra and goblins. We’re trying to get that ready for 2023.

  34. Hello! I was wondering if the 1.5 rule set came out yet? I tried the download link here, but it appears to be broken.

    1. We are slowly working away at major reworks, which you can follow along with on the blog and Discord. I’m going to start updating the wiki with the updates, so we have access to them live, and then compile the book when it is all complete.

  35. For the character sheets post above, small point but it would eliminate confusion if you changed the post to read “Three 5e character sheet pages,” instead of “3 5e character sheet pages.” As written, it appears you are telling people “Here are character sheet pages compatible with D&D version 3.5e”

    1. (Also, there are four pages, not three.)

    2. I will get that updated, thank you!

  36. Is there a planned release date for the Morrowind handbook?

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