Necromancer Preview

Necromancer Preview

Coming later this year, the necromancer blurs the lines of morality in Tamriel. See a piece of what is coming up next in Enemies of Elsweyr, a bestiary supplement similar to Monsters of Murkmire. 


This preview brings a full colour download with beautiful art from (Elder Scrolls Legends), the new Necromancer class (with the spell list included this time), 4 subclasses, 12 new necromancy spells, and one new weapon.  

Creating the Necromancer

Necromancy is a taboo subject throughout most of Tamriel. Many cultures look at the school of magic with trepidation, understanding that it provides a utility that is unique from the other schools, but also knowing that it blurs some lines of morality. The Dunmer, especially the Telvanni, have little concern for debating the morals of necromancy, whereas the Redguards find the entire practice abhorrent.

     Some scholars question the necessity of having necromancy isolated as its own school, as the magicks practiced within the arts are sometimes indistinguishable from destruction, conjuration, or sometimes even restoration. Most colleges consider necromancy to be a part of the school of conjuration, rather than its own school. This categorization means little to the law makers and college admission holders, however. Tamriel, for the most part, sees many necromantic acts as illegal.

Keeping this in mind, the base class has been purposefully created to be neutral. How you choose to play the class is up to you. The archetypes, or Necromantic Arts, presented are less agnostic, as some will push you more into the realm of illegality while other gently skirt along the outside, using the dark arts to protect others or themselves.

If you are familiar with Elder Scrolls Online, you will see that this class is an interpretation of the new Necromancer class introduced in the Elsweyr chapter. I’m pretty excited about this addition and have put a lot of work into it – which is why I’ve been quiet lately. Class design is tough, but I’m looking forward to your feedback. There’s a couple of things that I have a hard time wondering if it’s overpowered or underpowered. I think that the necromancer will play uniquely to other spellcasters, Each of the subclasses also provide vastly different styles that will make each stand out from other necromancer.

With the Necromancer joining the list of classes, it does step all over the current Sorcerer’s Necromancer subclass. With that in mind, the Sorcerer will be losing this subclass in the next Basic Rules release. It will be replaced with a new subclass at the time. As always, if you enjoy playing a sorcerer necromancer, it being removed should not stop you from playing it – keep having fun however you have fun.

With all that, please take a look at this new playtest material and provide feedback on the class, spells, and anything else! 

Thank you all and wreak some havoc in Tamriel!

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